As a member of the Business Development team at Palantir, I work with talented engineers to solve very big problems at even bigger organizations. I’ve spent my professional career at the confluence of media and technology. Most notably, I’ve specialized in helping traditional companies merge their linear and digital businesses at Comedy Central, Spike TV, TV Land. I’ve also spent time in television production, as a documentary film producer, and in business affairs at NBC, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, ER, and several start-ups. I hold an MFA from the Peter Stark Producing Program at the University Southern California, and a BA in Communications from the University of Pennsylvania.

Personally, my name may be Andrew Pettit, but when I book dinner reservations in New York, I become Andy Pettitte. My daughter keeps gets taller every day and my wife is my favorite wife. I prefer to drink wet leaves (tea) over wet beans (coffee). Sometimes I run long distances… for fun.

During my career, I’ve found the following to be my strengths:

  • Creating Order from Chaos. I’m able to get to the heart of complex problems, always attempting to boil them down to their most simple. Generally, I’m good at making order out of chaos and fixing problems.
  • Leadership & Motivation. I’m able to motivate groups of people to do things together. While I am good at driving short-term execution, I do so while retaining focus on long-term strategic goals.
  • Defender of Creativity. I firmly believe in the importance of creating a safe, collaborative environment for the exchange of creative ideas. On any project, I make it a goal to shield anyone doing creative work from outside noise.

I’d be happy to chat online or offline about business, technology, media, running or hot teas.